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Thread: Antimatter

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    Yo I'm tired of rap
    These styles are wack
    Who Vibing with mad
    Wild or crass
    Childish jabs or
    Mindless pizzazz
    Shining the shafts
    For Compiling trash
    While the last
    Time that I had
    Buying a track
    I liked for whats spat
    I kinda forget..
    Like nights that went blackl
    Mines were a blast
    igniting some gas
    skies that'll crack
    a smile reflects
    On Vials of mass
    Contrived to contract
    A might thats unmatched
    By the type to invent
    A light that is trapped
    That's designed in a lab...

    "Mixing equipment and clinging"

    Why do I listen still
    My ears are black holes
    That never get their fill
    Thats how the rap goes

    Never traveled to battle
    Or rapped with a Smack flow
    Or Stacked when the cash grow
    Cast in its shadow
    A track that can grab you
    Has a habit to Pass through
    Over the hump
    Like the back of a camel
    Desert sahara
    The less that we care of
    The better and realer
    Message is clearer
    Instead when I hear a
    Spit like a trailer
    Never hitting the theater
    gifted or pampered?
    I love when I'm spitting
    100 percent sick
    Coming to get it
    They run when I'm sprinting
    Stuck in a listen
    Like abducting a system
    Of Government spending
    For obstructing whats missing..


    Fuck with me

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    Im not a rapper, im a gardener

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    Re: Antimatter

    I really appreciate what you're trying to do here, which I would assume is come up with a unique flow that stands out. I can tell you put some time into this but I can't help feel this was too forced to fit the rhyme scheme you were trying. I like that there was a more consistent syllable count than I was expecting to see in OM. But like I said word choice coulda been better. Shows attention to details that newbies look past though, I can't even make my stuff tight without it looking put together instead of flowing together. The concepts are also kind of hard to point out too. Would like to see something fresher I know you got it

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