~~imagine channeling negativity
'til you're wired entirely and mega jittery
with your eyes spiralin' and trippin' visually.
it's a.. wild, lifestyle.. but! I live a bit differently,
yes, vivid images fly behind the lids (I'm livin' imagery)
chill, or miss this dope his admissibly, I spit abysmally.
don't get conned, get (gone) if ye' dismiss his consistency!
convictions lead to constant bickering, call me victory,
unlike y'all tikes in diapers in light of all this misery.

almost instantly roles are switched unwillingly,
like fuck history! Ima show like lightning bolts
yo' limits is Benjamins, essentially infinite,
eventually you'll git it, cuz when I spit it,
I implement penance to sentence your sense of what a spirit is.
but what I'm hearing is, remnants of Eminem's mentions
premises built on the guilt I'm trippin' on
so still the spillage and listen bruh!
it's a.. privilege to listen bruh, cuz once I've risen like yeast-
I'll be diving in different dimensions,
diligently dispelling tension on all planes
to keep y'all sane cuz I'm reachin' the feats of arcane,
beseeching archaic teachings to teach me God's way,
to boss play like a child caught in an arcade with a smart brain
cuz y'all sayin' he's crazy! uh.. well, gee maybe,
at least I'm not (shady), I been shading out the greys daily
cuz they gaze upon us like we're feet! uh..
know what? fuck it, it's like Ima terrier with rabies
chasing y'all away gettin' scarier and racy
with the pace, hittin' jays and STILL rippin' phrasings
y'all still are my playthings so,
take attendance then pay attention when I say things.

- - - Updated - - -

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