I pop fools wit the Rugar, crew full of shootas
My G's all ape and we move like a Unit
Don't be goofy and confuse it, my goons too ruthless
Boot ya in the mouth banana clip'll leave ya toothless
You losers getting zooted off a nickel in a toothpick
While my niggas blowing Snoop Gorilla Glue inside of Cubans
The booth is gettin humid ... ain't no stompin out the flames
My boo's ass is stoopid - she got Donkey of the Day
Shout out to Charlemagne; I've been knighted by the Gods
Ciroc is the name, Diddy boppin in the rain
Empire State of Mind - I am Kong rockin Js
With Beyoncé on the stage and we never 'On The Run'
But stay on a Rampage for them Jacksons gettin paid
I'm Goodall day if the cash and Mary Jane is blue Bombay
She Baloo me fa the chain, King Louie and champagne
I knew she wanted fame, shot a movie and explained
Bared necessities of life - popped dat coochie in da frame
Uncle Luke her wit the gang? Dude you gotta be insane?
Cos I'm too damn fly ... to do a choochoo train
I ain't tryna catch a case like my nigga Pac did
Or be locked in a cage like a gotdamn chimp
I'm a Ceasar on these streets - a Sultan to the sheiks
And all a Ge-nies is a flawless ass freak
On sum Abu Dhabi sheets (a-ladd-in the East)
But I represent the West, where monkeys get greased
For beatin on they chest - we'll empty out the clip
And leave em sunken with the fishes
For tryna throw a wrench - we ain't wit the monkey business
"You Mighty Joe, huh?" You might need jo gun
Cos the youngins going bongo
From McNola slums to jungles of Chicago

- M'Baku