you're a cantankerous jizz wad
an egregious fraud
plus your wankers' an inch long
and you wear lip balm
you lick on
a big shlong
when you diss Nom
cause' you couldn't even win a debate against his mom
Fact Machine's back
to hatch a mean rap
that traps diseased rats
so they can't spread their blasphemy cap-
-italism is crap, and see that's
why I crack the knee caps
of lying conservative ass hats who laughably lack
the capacity to adapt to reality,in order for a notion to traverse your synapse it has to be crap
a pikey and a jew are not mutually exclusive
cause' your economic policies not mutually inclusive
equal opportunities?
for a privileged few, indeed
so you can proceed with impunity
no matter what kind of jewry
you do, and to do the deeds
you do, you'd truly
have to be doo doo, I do believe
so shove it up your poop shoot please
you call yourself a "race realist"
I call myself a "face peelist"
because I'll peel your fucking face off and glue it to your taint, seal it
the elite don't earn what they have, they steal it
call me the mother of Marxists, I break wheels bitch
you twisted little dick headed double wank helix