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    Cypher intro

    What you gotta do to jump in this cypher, strike like a viper, spit at them, my style like straight venom, yo necks like joints so im gonna twist em, Iím lit leave u burned at the end, hopefully you listenin to my sicknesses symptoms then, Iím not one of you simple men, let me make it simple for you friend because you are one of them, Iím in control like systems, like gold I glisten brighter than the center of the solar system, these words read them so you can listen, no hesitation when at a higher elevation, awkward state so I address the whole nation, your contributions cause confusion your skills an illusion you living a life of delusion, my direction not one you should be choosin, less you choosin to be losin, so choose the right course, or get left headless hollow sleepy on a horse, Iíve got a limitless power source, the center of me the gravity, pure energy, inner chi, you just ridiculous to me, this is just one I got plenty, your style is silly u just a kid but no outlaw like billy, last straw reached already so leavin u stiff n cold really, Iím poised already armed n deadly armor steely, mighty like colossus, hardened more than the skin of a rhinoceros, ya feeling me, handling you easy, you already done and havenít started yet, you a rookie I be a vet, finish you off and not even break a sweat, so do yourself a favor and fucking quit, nobody wants to read your fucking shit, it stinks, I think, it give me the instinct to make you extinct already on the brink, catch you in cataclysms with precision when writing word eruptions, like volcanoes in zones of subduction, words forming junctions to say easily fuck with me and cease to function, got any questions, now it should be obvious change professions, use common sense you want none so go to convents and give confessions, thatís the smartest decision before your life ends

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    Re: Cypher intro

    straight fiyah holmez
    She said I could sleep on the couch
    By 2 am, I was diggin her out

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    Re: Cypher intro

    YOu see, I be G.

    Creative. Welcome back, Zelph.

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    Re: Cypher intro

    Big Game?

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    Re: Cypher intro

    Black Thought?

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