Mount cyanide; oh' mount cyanide; you burn with burning passion for your people of easel
I sea through a needle, the need of a steeple; I flap my dove wings atop of a cathedral
basking in robin; ice sheik snow falls atop of the rooftop; it soothes rocks
I remember when I sat on blue docks, spitting sexy gray matter saliva at blue rocks
truth sought the lies of man; told white and blue lies; the truth died a true death
It was as subdued breath; as he stole many hearts and souls like soothed theft
I'm a Angel, flapping angels wings, once, twice, churn a fiery twister from the eye of the storm
lightning has stormed, sirens have formed, I'm speaking in tongues; to sirens in the ocean storm
I'm a bride and sought; when I found the ropes to flourishment; I tied the knot
Silent plots; lightning docks, pride is rock, I make out with a woman on a Siren's rock
I'm timid and nurtured; burning in worship; I go to Babylon; saying a sermon
For as long as Hell is alive in a nightmare; I have faith that is burning