The Spanish Demon, Andrew Flores; vast vowel of scorn before the years of Mary
seer of cherish, fear of dreary; clearing fairys with the veneer we cherish
I'm a demon possessing other demons; sucking and drinking their succulent nectar
rummage in vexed urns, as hell's flame; burning ashes and swallowing ash
Conqueror the past; solemn with sadness; Sodom is blasphemous to bottomless sand
Fought through a land of devils and warlocks; poured docks of streaming clear white water
Light's satyr; offering as sheep; for the marriage of my family in Noah's Ark
I was born with a broken heart; swollen harpies playing golden harps
Known as czar; I'll scar manifest destiny's in the mist and wound of battle
Soon we'll matter; as mystics of a good world; I've seen hell in the use of ladders
abra cadabra; magic of darkness; black magic is casts by a Ariskima
Lips are sucked, and kissed on the hinge of a mattress; we're living as lavish
Sinister sadness, diminishing ashes in hell's fire storm; sire's scorn
Fire's formed again from the son; this is the sire's thorn
I'm a demon, with hell's flame; scorching people with fire and brimestone
Sire has been known; as I bury sons in the pyre of brimestone