Ariskima; abyssal in strength and knowledge; half water; half fire; laugh choir
Water droplets seep from his cheeks; he's a aqua son for the almighty God; shiek with technique
Petting the sheep in the pasture; while Jesus Christ cries tears of joy for Billy Goat Gruff
Silky coat snuff, silky coat snuff; silly stone sun; fire at the hellish stars; with water break
Somber name; Andrew Flores; flourish as flores; with naive and flourishment
Sirens are nourishment; drinking their water droplets; somber knowledge
Apocalypse driven iccubus; icarus wings flap nigh, flap twice; flap once, flap thrice
flap silently, flap ferociously, flap a second time; beckon light
Water droplets fall from my cheeks; I'm the son Icarus
The Sky God Andrew; paints blueish hues with a evil smile; and sinister laugh
Take a sinister bath; a livable fast; having a sinister laugh as a sinner of wrath
Pinnacle staff; Ariskima of hope and freedom; hope with demons
I have the rope of Jesus; Satyr of light; harp of the light
Somber at night, singing songs of light; fond of light
I am night, I awoke the dawn of light; on a mourning day
My fluffy puffy cloud provoked the wonder awake; asunder as snake
Sun of a snake; funneling grace through the sun as a snake
Funneling grace; slithering snake; sinful as plagues
I am a water droplet; socrates and aristotle know of me; soak in grief
Known as thief; I have hopes and dreams; in the Hosea sea
She water droplets in the Hosea Sea; provoking me
Slithered and glistened' in the ocean sea; soaked in greed
I'm ocean seas; ropes and trees; abra cadabra; I'm ocean seas
I shed water droplets; fear is voice; revered in choice
Hear my voice; sincere as boy; seer with choice
I'm the Ariskima; the sky god Andrew; the bluest hue
Cute as mute; I have the same knowledge that Judas knew
I have the soul and essence of a star in the night
I am the sun's best friend; the star of the night
Charm of the light; I am a moon far in the night
I am the hope that is far in the white
I am a star and sun, moon of hope; far in the night
Darkness in the light; I am the white far in the light
I am a poet of grace and ocean; stay devoted
Say a notion to provoke the grace of ocean; the rain of oceans
I cry the rain of oceans; crying as a seer of choice
For I know as I am a water droplet; I can cry tears of joy