Golden swords, golden swords; protect my maw from the treachery bestowed by iron and silver
The sire sings and delivers, pyre rings for a sinister practice; of sacrificial lambs; eye of the lamb
Pride in my hand, pride in my land, I exhibit neutral nurture through food for thought; and riveting rivers
I'm not the nile, flow a while; soaken vile oceans of broken dreams, hold my gleam; remain as shiek
For times come will as struggle and hardship, Nostradamus predicted such vile non-sense
Those who linger in apartheid, but do no bring justice and self awareness to themselves; are not Heaven sent
For this day and age, of sunshine and moonshine; gloom light, and it's blue depression, blue sky
True light appears only at the minute of time; relinquishing and diminishing plight
Early bird gets the worm, but a snake is efficient in getting up before the chicken at the crack of dawn
I want a house on a farm, big haystacks and rays of yellow shining on the green pasture
Sheep frolic and are fulfilled; in the green pastures; the sheep who is Andrew has gleam mastered
A free Angzel; He is named Angzel; for with the eyes of a snake; he has seen rapture
I am the night and light; God is the day, Jesus Christ is the night; we vanish plight
This is the land of life; I'm a devil demanding light
For Genesis portrays the meaning of life in a way; beyond and embellish
I've seen the light of life; for I've pondered and relished