Start From Scratch

ďIf I could start from scratch I wouldnít change shitĒ
I did the best in my decisions so I canít understand the defer one bit
I canít understand how they have the nerve to get mad and force me to look in the mirror
While all their spells over the past years becomes clearer
I canít understand how they tortured the snake but I was the one swollen in pain
Or how they were allowed to trap me in an illusion that drove me insane
I canít understand how they whisper and pray thru me
Or make me lose myself in the seconds they pose and act like itís something I chose to see or be
All the facts they said werenít real
All the proof but they donít care how it feel
All the sick disgusting shit they repeatedly do and put me thru
And to know they have no right to do even do this to you

I went to the witch store he said before you send it back did you try to move
I looked at him and said 3x but I shouldnít have to
On one candle they even stole the wax
As I showed the cop the video like these are the facts
Nah my cat did thatís what they always said
And that nothing is wrong itís all in my head
Yeah I really had a blue tooth that i named flex
When he was the one I caught him setting up when he was setting up the next
They swear they tricked me
When I didnít even do it
Bitch I just dwell in hell and canít wait until you understand that finally going thru it
At least you deserve it
Cause I didnít do anything or anyone wrong
Some hair and a doll? How they been torturing me with real pain and prayer for so long?

You think itís a game? Father forgive me?
Canít wait to the day we finally see
At first I just wanted to spit in her face to prove sheís a pussy
But if I ever see her Iíll snap over what she did to my pussy
Die slow bitch the moment I await
There must be a reason for it all so Iíll just trust in fate
There must be reason you posted that to make it look like me
But truth is itís been on since like 93
Your favorite move, do the dirt and try to make it look like them
You really just mad over his shout out ďsorry ..... ď
See what you do will come back to you
But how you live will come back too
I donít got to do shit you hung yourself
When the 360 come full circle...
ďand you canít change thatĒ