O' holy Nivel, O' holy nivel; you are written splendidly, with splendid serenity
this is our destiny, trees meet branches, trees branch out; from the roots of Eeazen
Frolic with destiny; losers and winners meet with centrifugal force and tranquility
force of our destiny's meet and align with time; time is brought by space and sky
taste the night, taste bloodshed; above red, doves frolic and glide as flying sparrows
cheaper by the 11th, 11 hounds, the apple of eden was meant to teach, not celebrate
for when eve ate the apple of eden, she celebrated bliss and shadowed happiness, not joy or splendor
only few can taste splendor, such as my father Jose Flores, Ishmael, and myself; Andrew Flores
brand the chorus, sands of time brush with my shadow; necromancers; flourish in the daylight
rays of light with splendid nurture garner respect and discipline, intricate webbing of neutral mutual anoints
we garner the point, of wrath's chain, the slaves of yesterday brandish steel; yet harbor hate
they do not think of injust matter as futile; but as a way of resentment to fuel hate's flame with violence
for i am a tryant, scapegoat villian, with immortal clasp of decision schiscms sharpness can't fathom
feel my wrath brue hotter than blue's steam, as i eradicate actual villians from their evil descent onto hell
for we will dwell for a long miznuite; but we must stay as one with peace; for prosperity is only for those who flourish..such as i