conniving, deceiving, intellectual genius serpentine; worthless schemes
serpent's dreams, purpose gleamed, sermon seemed; birth of dreams
worthless schemes, scheme and slither in the burrows of heaven and hell
my presence will dwell; a hellish inhabitance; relish the manuscript
relishing sapient; turning the tables with his serpent's tail; purpose dwells
birth of male; a serpent of serpent spit; slithering in your worthless shit
cerberus spits; purpose repent; levitate Hades to Heaven and watch him burn above
I'm certain doves serene sky's, as serpent's learn to love
firm with hugs; we hug on fortune tellers with great fortune and idealism
light's zealism; plight's blade slit's the throat of Father Time; offer rhymes
somber lines; purpose dwells; we see the glimpse of a serpent's tail/tale
we tear down ships and their worthless sails; we see the demons hailed in hell
sirens sing solemn songs in silence; servants of servitude bid farewell
relinquish sails of ships swimming in clairvoyant seas; the voice of seeds
optimistic owls ponder dreams and wonders; while daydreaming about heaven and paradise
we cherish life, we cherish light, we cherish night, we cherish bright, we cherish stars
we solemnly sing songs in silence; our god's light outshines the ultraviolets
serpents slither in the burrows of hell; feasting on seldom lost
embellishing times, we see hell's frost; we burn it with hell's flame
for as we cry tears of joy, white bursting clouds of love drip rain
the seldom loss for fruit; will always dwell as there
For we are serpents, cherishing our despair