I thought it was funny at first the way things suddenly burst
Like it was a rehearsed verse that was cryptic with a cuddily touch
Me being an idiot and such, not thinking of the devil so much
Didn't see me revel in her clutch.....
But this struck chords of a different accord
Couldn't put distance between me and what persistence affords
Seeing visions of grimacing lords, fallen chalices, libation abhor
Asking scathing questions galore, shooting shots, no score
Even stepping back see what repping lack preparation
Letting lackless vetting stack outcomes in depreciation
Hesitant to resuscitate, afraid what would regurgitate
Double D's got my relationship away at an allergic rate
She purging hate, flames fricassee fickle tendencies
The keeper of the gate turned state's enemy
Knowing about to me divorced from happy homes and meals
I throw unwanted hugs and appeals
Her grudge reveal the truth that my lies would steal
She couldn't let pain take what condoning shields....

My world wobbled like a hubless wheel
The devil in a blue dress regressing from her clubbing deals
Now visionless, the ignorance of actions partaken in pimpin'
Leaves my life shatter and my soul shaken and limpin'
Aching and cringin', I rev the engine to deaden plucked heartstrings
Running from decaying actions tearing apart dreams
Sought for greener pastures behind big tits and a round ass
But what I found was shit pits and brown grass......