I Donít Want to Know

🎼 ďJust canít believe itís realĒ

(Read over the words)

The beat to ďReady or NotĒ
Most times music say a lot
I never knew but now I know itís true
Then to realize why I hypothetically picked you
Before I assumed the long shot
And was happy with the shot out I got
As I repeat ďI know notĒ
But when youíre left standing there
Yo keep that second string position I donít even care
And if everyone was there watching to see
Or was it the second time what most people are just given went and upped and left me
Born on 26th not adopted until the 28th
My first day was alone and let it be known God is my faith
What ever his name be I really donít know
And thatís just my one to grow

🎼 oh baby

ďLeft with out an ally in an echelonĒ I wrote that before
But when flip came to judge I ainít have an angel praying for me no more
What did I do to not get an Ally?
Heard you, just thought I was hallucinating - screamed and threw out my ear piece...
Thatís why
I still donít know if it was really you or if you ever even cared
But in my safe zones my comfort was always pretending you were there
Getting better from every break or assault I blacked out or forgot
I had these 2 watch over me giving me strength thru the fear I face alone to not

🎼 (And if he taught you better then me.... xxx)

.... after Puffys rap

Then the teaching, grabbing my ring and running but not knowing why
No one was there, you didnít care, my soul was just telling my mind a lie
I donít deserve to be that 4 in a group of all 10s
I donít deserve to be the one faking an amends
And then wondering back to when I was safe
Everyone now reminding me thick skin is just chafed
Did everyone see but me?
Were strangers watching assuming what I see or be
I found angels in the darkest corners
Donít be scared to stand now the horsemen are the warners
Love never lasted
Maybe I expect too much
Alone from day one is real
But itís not what forced me to be out of touch
Especially when only the rare few can even hold you
You can keep my second string position cause I quit - I thought I already told you
Just some basic things I just be going thru
And just some basic things I just be knowing too