Andrew Flores - A baby snake, and fox; iniquity burns through him as god's and the devil's son. For the fire in his soul burns for hell, as he is hell's son/sun; flourishing in the daylight and moonlight. The moonlight shines a white beam, on the snakes body; reflecting the devil's scale. He is a snake, not a dragon; for he is pure of sin. The daylight shines on the snakes body; as-well; showcasing only his scales of his birth. The snakes knows, the moonlight shine is gleam, and the daylight's shine is another kind. The snakes knows he is like the moon, for he is pure white soul; and cold in essence. He slithers in the envious green grass, un-scaped. Flourishing the grass as greener.

Andrew Flores the snake of Eazen; slithering in the mouth of grass; blades slash alas
the day and night know no mourning; only for animals of dark origin; darkness inhabitance
the animals are glorious; they are in pairs; the tree of light; glimmers as Noah's ark
I am a snake, the grass is as green as my scales; for my essence swallows the oceans heart
the grass is greener on the other side; the grass is green everywhere you sea
For with every animal and white cloud flourishing; we cherish everything we see
The mouth of the devil has spoken; his throat clearing the mouth of God; a proud Nimrod
For we were born yesterday; and will scape the fruit as twin rods

Nourishment for inhabitance; water streams of liquid sparkle shimmer in the daylight
For when darkness envelopes my heart and essence; shimmer rays night
Two fruits of Eazen, hang from the tree of light; Nimrod and Icarus; siss and hiss at the sight
For we sea the light; for whoever see's the light; will hiss in plight
two serpents in Eazen; one will sea the light; and swim and slither in the clear sparkling ocean
For with every tear shed from the devil; the wet dew grass; is a heart's devotion
The night and day become one; creating white and darkness; the moon bows; the sun has burst
God and the devil open their mouths..for only one is heard..

White waves overlap, colliding in symphony; waves glisten' splashing off rocks; subsiding in mystery
Animals rest, for they sleep on white clouds; For I am a serpent praying on liquidious wishing streams
grassy hills and paradise, cherish eyes; we sleep and slumber on mountains on a perished night
baring guise; a fare's demise; the devilish serpentine seas through the disguise of a pair of guise;'
Rocks and water splashes collide in symphony; ideas and cloud formations are beheld as epiphany
the rivers and seas are riveting; the seas are sympathy; to the isle's of infinity; the seas of mystery
the devil work's in dark mysterious ways; as my serpent brethren; a snake in the grass; splashes with the sea
On God's rock he was splashed upon; persuading to the ocean's deep

Nimrod and Icarus was magnificent; sin and law danced in symphony of sympathy's
Both were astonished at creation; yet only snake eyes; could see the sinning sea
both were weighed on creation's scale; devil and god collided as light and darkness
plight was darkness; Nimrod and Icarus were darkness and light in Garden
Yet only one saw the darkness, as one saw the light; one burned in hell's flame
The other saw darkness, then saw light; and prospered in hell's rain
Now.. the wrath is seizure; the tree of light; stands prosperous where the vast is deeper
As the asthma seas churn; Nimrod slithers passed envious green blades of grass..where the grass is greener