ravenous speech, tangents besiege, swimming the seas; sipiddy di; tripping off bongs
sleeping with Sirens, the siege of Osiris; beneath the tides of change; sleeping in islands
feasts on the climate; seeing a diamond; freezing a island beneath the besieger
freezing the seethed; beneath a besieger; hold diamonds in the rough; with soft hands
silent swears on the promised land; calm in sand; solemn hand; solemn plan
sentiment armistice; battle besiegers beneath the sea with splendor and resplendence
omniscient wing; hold Brutus the traitor as handsome ransom with Judas's scimitar
drank the elixir in front of cupid; besieged ares and Hermes for seclusion
solemn plan; promised land; beneath the shinning seas; island of seas
island of seas; oh island of seas; paradise in the archipelago's and trees
see the days of gleaming rays; see the gates of heaven and paradise
roll the dice of solstice price; boldest knight; sought your soul on ice
battle demons and gins as devil with metal sword; settle scores; settle war
bread is scarce; water is cleansed; I eat meals; and drink water in seclusion
battle a mirage with a illusion; amnesty is priced at handsome ransoms
seldom fathom; recollect thoughts with the effigy of lavish