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Me and My Bitch

“Would you NOT kill for me?
…. The act of making love”

The act of making love, I never knew
Sex like a porn star, keep them home, that’s how we do
He was only the 3rd time I had sex, take 3 shots
Like a medicine that help me elix
I went to go to the bootlegger and saw the other Ac there
Busted a U-ey and ran cause I was scared
They were white, not black and to this day I’m not sure how I feel about where I sat
He chased me to the light and my girl at the time said I know him it’s alright
I just moved there, to me it was Chaolin’s land
16 shots rang out and ever since its been like an hour glasses draining sand

Walking, just walking – I guess airing it all out
Seeing the entire story before I assumed off doubt
My entrance in to the game was hysterical
Cause when you dealing with an airhead, yo, you never know
My lessons were harsh and I took my hits
Yeah I helped by accident and in return got pistol whipped
In the barracks we sat on the bed by the window and starred at the stars
I asked for love and wondered if it was it but I didn’t know its what kept it locked behind barrs
I knew he never treated me right
But I was number one, always pushed to two when another came thru cause I was white
And I realized that, so I accepted him as a best friend
But when I refused to be some side chick when a ring pulled out that’s when it had to end

16 then to 26, he was all I knew and then I saw it and flipped
Good girls don’t get wifed, they get played BUT if I was a hoe I never would’ve stayed
I understand that type of respect too
Especially in the end when we all staring at each other like how you even mad I’m just like you
And this is what most of us sat down for
The lecture about the pizza when you risking one slice or giving it all
Especially how now the one I should in return only gets some cause how scared I am to fall
That’s a bottom bitch, when how I was raised
At least I’m not a cow, in the field and just trying to graze
And on this game shit, when I find them, why life on the plate again
Round and round we go, 16 shots out, while my car was inching mad again at a friend

I pray even my enemies are safe, cause in what matters and what doesn’t life is everything and all we got, BUT a victim, someone not even involved or doesn’t deserve it I can never sit there and watch again. ~ Mary please pray for us victims too and the people who love us”