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    Resolution - Just MC


    I’ve been sitting here a ticking time bomb for a couple years
    listening to the bullshit people slip in each other’s ears.
    And it hurts knowing that the same lies seem consistent
    as we choose to believe the reality in this waste is non-existent
    Here I go again on a rant that holds no fare
    as the masses ride the cadence of the roll to the snare -

    we call a tongue trick,
    gestures of a double-dealing hand,
    resembles a game of domino - effects our patriotic man.

    This empty pot once liquefied now seems hard-bitten….
    Shaped like zirconium that we’ve molded to divisions-
    causing suicide....
    walking blind
    staring through a pane of guerilla-
    war out by the tanks from our immortal ranked militia

    Its all so bitter sweet, but, the conclusion
    or a higher power striking all ….

    Our Resolution

    -Just MC

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    Re: Resolution - Just MC

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