Genie's, and Djinn's, and psychics, and genie's in the seas of greed swimming with swimming seas
I'm the swimming seas; seas of greed; seas of greed; bristled leaves of bengal beasts; and bristled seas
I am the knight/night in shining armor; battling karma with a sword; broad sword from the accord's of orc cords
Broad sword slice through warlords from the seventh sun; eclipse the moon and sunset flip to eastern suns
Bengal beasts of bristle trees; tycoon beasts of lycan feasts; sistine chapel wisdom; cataclysmic salvage missions
Battle pistons with a broad sword; accords of life and lycan feasts; typhoon beasts of righteous leaves
Bristle trees of bengal beasts; sistine chapel wisdom with masochistic battle missions; salvage pistons
Salvage pistons; salvage missions; battle pistons blast from the barracks of salvage missions; salvage diction
Battle pistons; sistine chapel apple wisdom; swim the seven seas of greed and fortune with scorching tongue
Fortune sung; the scorching sun; fortune suns; seven fortune suns; fortune suns; oh' fortune suns
I am a genie in a lamp; swallow sap; algorithm of father wisdom; sistine chapel wisdom with battle pistons
Salvage missions of salvage pistons; battle missions and sistine apple wisdom; salvaged pistons
Salvaged pistons; winged dragons; winged dragons; winged dragons; winged dragons are winged snakes
Battle lakes of lakes of despair; feel the air of sleeping airs; sleeping airs sleep on clouds
I am the battle of salvage missions; salvage missions; battle missions with salvaged missions
I am the salvaged missions; confusion in the eyes of the lord; righteous accord
I am the night/knight in shining armor; battling karma with a broad sword
Command the accords of life and death; seas of greed; thievery in the valves of hell