Me and You

Over the last 55 seconds of the song 2:28

55 seconds to break down my thinking the last 5 years
Standing there waiting my "so sure" turned to fears
Answer a call, I even posted how they blocked it if you weren't so busy
Waiting every holiday packed and all - time after time dissed - alone feeling mizee

("It our secret bay... keep it between me and you" I'm too insecure right now)

Comfort and peace - all I have is that memory
I can't even have sex anymore I'm staring off in space practically filing my nails on an emery
I felt it, now none of them guys were ever even close to
It's different... it's different with you
Every thing is different now, thats love right?
Cause random basic sex I just can't go back to
But I need to know I'm worth the fight

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If I'm even right...

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