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    Looking to Commission Some GFX

    So, everyone knows that while I don't gang bang ... Since when Ricky died for milk RIP.. but in this political climate, I DEFINITELY can't count on minorities to ride with. Sooo, I did a thing. I took the blood oath, sacrificed a toe, and signed up for the KuKluxKlan, or more simply the KKK. So me and the guys were thinking, how can we recruit more white people for the riots and inevitable civil war? Where do white people be? Not the prisons, mostly blacks there. It's not going to be ANYWHERE in Memphis. So that leaves colleges, and the flat-earth community. The flat-earth community is comprised of nearly 100% beautiful, dumb, pale caucasians, as you probably could have guessed. So me and the boys are going to infiltrate the flat Earth society, and try to increase our forces, in case this becomes a war of attrition. Those fucking people are dumb too, so this won't be too hard. I figured that we just need some T-shirts. Dumb people love free shit, and if it's a t-shirt theyll wear it. And if it's catchy and contains something that sticks in their mind, they may even eventually, hopefully, become indoctrinated and help us progress the master race. WHITE POWER. (Sorry, they make me say it.) So I need to make some T-shirts that have like, flat Earth, you know? And then on the back maybe we'll put in small font idk, like, a list of curiosities surrounding the September 11th attacks. Maybe some how try to convey the propaganda that the minorities were behind it. They kind of were! You know? So any ideas that you have I'm looking to collaborate, and as always, no blacks, Mexicans, or any kind of Chinese people need apply.
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