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Thread: SixShooter

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    This way that I got Quick aim like McGraw,
    Only time we going back to back, its six paces and draw
    If you soft, I play to win like I brake the rim
    Hitting shots like I'm Chamberlain when the chamber spins..
    done my deeds, but I'm something mean like guns and greed
    So I'm no good, I'll roll through your hood like a tumbleweed.
    At Stuttered speed, out the holster, ill stop the posers
    Show me love or I'm posting up like a Wanted poster.
    Better save yourself, you bet I'm raising hell
    Ill find you at high noon, for me, its every day at 12..
    Y'all silly as shit, Simply resist the glittery glitz
    Dig for gold, I Been the goat like Billy the kidd.
    You Lavishly can look at your cavalry get shook.
    When it's time to ride, Only thing I need by my side, Cassidy and butch..
    If your frail then you'll fail in this serious tale
    Fears lurking, Gears turning like a wheel on a heel.
    Spur of events, it sure has a kick..
    the Dirt that it hits turns into mist like a curse that it lifts.

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    123..45 and 6
    Guns shoot thiefs
    And all kinds of pricks..

    Im not a rapper, im a gardener

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    Re: SixShooter

    I’m rolling thru your town like tumbleweed LOL the entrance was amazing the comparisons and such - very clever. You always write one of the best though.
    ~ Too many mental health tactics are cruel and unusual. But to remember too late is even worse. I do pray for you all every day. Whether I believe it or not.

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