Nothing Compares 2 U

I couldn’t count the days past cause I never knew
Just shattered pieces of my life trying to heal in 1992
Touch of love, my fault, I did it
Sorry how the money falls, fuck it, we could’ve split it
I asked why I couldn’t (make love and never did)
Sometimes I actually did try to be so candid
I never used to sleep all day before, or, had a problem rising at dawn
Until I remembered the sand splashed by rain drops from a quiet white storm
Since you been gone….
Since you been gone I learned a lot - but not as independent as I used to be
And when I finally lost it - I was running down a crimson tide laughing from a memory
Lots learned but so many primal…
Like I learned to eat alone in a restaurant cause alone I had to travel
BUT I NEVER expected this when the knot unraveled

(Nothing compares to you… x2)

Sometimes I just be driving and catch a flashback
Like drinking at the bar, putting it all on the tab, not knowing then the cash back
But at that bar drinking banana daiquiris with you, it was the first time I knew me too
But still the last time I was free from those swords that cut me so deep like the psychic warned that they do
Next round maybe we be toasting to these hennies
Probably never happen either, like the turn of taunt from these pennies
I never cared much of losing before, it doesn’t define me, especially if it’s just a game
Just the luck of the odds, skill, win, lose, or draw – but now I could care even less more the same

“I went to the dr, guess what he told me – he said girl you better try to have fun no matter what you do”
And then they turned around and made fun of me for that too

(Cause nothing compares to you)

(Over the instrumental)
It’s all good, it’s rare that ever my tears start falling, but once they do
I have one man to hold my hand too, maybe 2
One that will kick me out, but no more the 4 that would pat my back then slice even more
Started off so rough, who knew there could even be more I’d be in store for
But only when you could never even care more

Then you wake up and realize what it all really was for…

My sisters project, the family tree, the bouquet hanging upside down next to the laundry
All those hours I sat up and just stared half the night sitting on the couch, cleaning, then swimming laps just so I can finally pass out
I can just imagine the other side of that coin so don’t ever assume what I’m about
But don’t ever dismiss it either cause I’m the one still holding on through all that doubt

(Nothing compares to you x3)