At this point, anything that's new for their everyday entertainment will be taken by NBA fans. Typically around this time, fans are able to turn their televisions at night and catch a game of hoops on the screen. With the coronavirus outbreak in consequence the NBA had no choice but to suspend the entire year now. Luckily, the league is looking to attract basketball back by any means MT 2K20. They have really produce the next best thing at this point -- although no, the NBA hasn't determined to return without lovers in attendance to the courtroom.

On Monday night, Yahoo Sports NBA Insider Chris Haynes reported that there would be a NBA 2K20 tournament, that will feature a small number of noteworthy names from within the NBA. According to Haynes, the contest is going to probably be broadcasted and streamed on ESPN so all NBA fans may enjoy the amusement. It looked just like the league leaned towards implementing one player to take part from each team. But, that doesn't appear to be the situation. Instead, there will allegedly be 16 players, and ten days, the tournament is expected to last.

Aside from Donovan Mitchell and DeMarcus Cousins, there's no word yet. However, if the NBA asked to be a symbol of the Sixers, who if they choose? Many teams around the NBA have a notable couple of players who are tapped into the video game universe. The 76ers are different in this instance. The team should try and convince someone from Philly's squad to participate, but which Sixer if they use?

The first player is Ben Simmons. The might be among the hardest workers on the Sixers, but he does not put his other abilities on hold for basketball. Simmons can compete in video games with the finest of these, and it is shown by him since he's been involved in some tough SLAM tournaments, which can be streamed to watch on Twitch. You can view Simmons' virtual talent on screen.

Additionally, with SLAM a few weeks ago, during an interview, Simmons mentioned last summer playing with some 2K with other gamers, and the outcomes were pretty, based on Simmons. Another Sixers player might be a fantastic match for the tournament, although the guard could hold his own against NBA competition. Sixers center Joel Embiid might not be a video game streamer, however he's made it known numerous times that he loves matches. Ahead of his basketball career got started, the NBA All-Star was seeking to bypass basketball camps so he could stay home and play.

Oh, and to no surprise, Embiid is extremely competitive when it comes to games, and his trash-talking is not limited to just the basketball court. Knowing that Embiid literally almost compelled his former teammate, T.J. McConnell, to shout because Embiid was beating him so bad in games nba2king, that probably leaves Embiid the best bet to symbolize the Sixers for this championship if he's prepared to participate. Regardless of whether the NBA chooses Embiid or Simmons, the Sixers should likely expect the newcomer Matisse Thybulle doesn't get the invitation -- since his 2K performance last week against Mikal Bridges was not overly promising.