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    PAGES to PDF converter online

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    Re: PAGES to PDF converter online

    That's a useful looking tool you have there, but before people convert documents to PDF, people need to write a document, and before people write a document, they need something to write a document about - a subject matter, if you will.

    A good sales tactic is to inspire someone to do something which would then require the use of your service afterwards.
    In your case, you could suggest a topic eg "Hey, do you have a fascination with 1920's bootlegging? Why not write about it then use our completely free service etc etc", someone might have thought about it and you could be giving them a push in the right direction.
    Use something that makes you stand out as well, back in the days when I used to advertise for a bird watching magazine I'd write
    -*-*-WANNA SEE SOME BIG TITS???-*-*-
    and the viewers would instantly think "Yes, indeed that is what I am looking for, there is no longer any doubt in my mind, because I wanna see some big tits"

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