Better Off Alone (Tupac’s Remix)

I lost it…
Everything I ever wanted in a moment
I assumed was mine then realized why they showed it
When did life become so serious?
Maybe when a crazy girl running became so hilarious
The harder you work
The more you lose
The further you look
The less you get to choose
I’ve never felt so stupid
Running thru the hotel to my room throwing up
But I’ll never understand why you did it
It’s crazy to be humble but even crazier when you’re so split
29 years my senior now but I was better off then with no fire to my spit
When it’s all so confusing and you’re always losing
When every lie you thought you told change direction
And you don’t get a say you just remember the correction

“Baby would you ride for me etc…” x2

Visions from throwing up to throwing up gets lost in the enigma
But no matter how hard you grip that ship your dealing with that stigma
As I traced I missed you in the sand but didn’t know why
Barley there just caught up in a stare as literally a tractor drive by

Like some joke…

“Talk to me” x4

Realizing the dreams of standing on the dock waiting…
For a ship that never comes home
Looking for angels ever since on every street I ever roamed
As the devil reminds me he got me any time he like now
Do I regret it? Nah, I just know now to ask God how

Was it best to run thru it and see?
But I didn’t fathom the loss…
Every dream I ever I had, I had, it was just taken from me
Then hope, hope is some curse used to just string you along
And I still can’t get my enemies off me, even though they know they’re wrong

Like I said…
I was just happy with a shout out and could’ve moved on before you
Before I even knew…

“Baby would you ride for me” x4

And to my babies that I’ll never know if I have or not
At least now I know to include you in my prayers but it still hurts a lot
I’m so broken now to a sway and ignorance was so bliss
Just shooting for stars everyone but me knew I was always gonna miss