KOTD - World Domination 6 - Announcement #7

by Iller Froston July 29, 2016
Today KOTD uploaded announcement #7 in regards to their upcoming event World Domination 6. Already brimming with show stopping names, the list has been taken to the next level, with the reveal of Charlie Clips vs Iron Solomon. Set to commence across August 26th to the 27th, tickets are still currently on sale over at […]

KOTD - Battlers Read Mean Comments - Money Bagz/Xcel Edition

by Iller Froston July 14, 2016
“In this episode of BRMC, Money Bagz & Xcel read through some comments left in KOTD’s Talkback group. #BATB & #WD6ix Tix at http://www.KOTD.TV”

Real Deal featuring Ambition (formerly of Pretty Ricky) and Zach Margerum "Wise Enough to Know"

by Iller Froston July 14, 2016
Posted back on June 19th, “Wise Enough to Know” has since gathered an amount of 11,602 views, so to celebrate, lets check out the track again, boasting ill lyrics and a hypnotizing beat. “Happy Fathers day to all you dads out there. Real Deal’s second single off of “The Mount Oliver Project” entitled “Wise Enough […]

KOTD - Battles at the Bunker July 23rd Announcement Videos!

by Iller Froston July 14, 2016
KOTD have released a string of videos showcasing Battles at the Bunker, while also revealing some of the battles that will taking place during the anticipated event. Among the currently announced battles are highly notable names like Bigg K, Cortez, The Saurus and Bender. To see the announcements in full, as always check out the […]

DNA VS TROY BROWN | Don't Flop Skype Battle

by Iller Froston July 14, 2016
Going head to head, taking place online, check out DNA vs Troy Brown as they face off in an epic Don’t Flop Skype Battle. You can watch the full battle down below, tell us your thoughts and who you think won. Video retrieved from: Don’t Flop Entertainment <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/2o-z7Wt8KOU” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

KOTD - Rap Battle - Pass vs Money Bagz | #MASS2

by Iller Froston July 14, 2016
Check out one of the latest battles of Pass vs Money Bagz, Hosted By Organik, Poison Pen & Gully TK

Hopsin - Die This Way (Short Film)

by Iller Froston July 14, 2016
“Hopsin is back. This time, he stars in his own short film, which has him running from the cops after an attempted robbery goes bad. Watch as he gets caught with tears streaming his face. Thoughts?”